Kansas Cases before the United States Supreme Court

This post originally appeared at The Kansas Progress, before this blog went live. Consequently the date in the title does not tally with the date on the post.

So far this term there are two upcoming cases involving Kansas pending before the US Supreme Court. We will post more information about them nearer the time, however a brief summary follows.

On December 1st the Court will hear argument in Kansas v. Colorado, potentially the final part of over a century’s litigation over rights to the Arkansas River.

On January 21st, the Court will hear argument in Kansas v. Ventris, which is an appeal of a ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court that prosecutors violated the 6th Amendment rights of a defendant by using conversations he had with with a fellow prisoner during his trial to contradict his testimony in court. Chief Justice McFarland dissented in the original decision.  Interestingly, the last time the US Supreme Court took up a case in which
McFarland had been in dissent was Kansas v. Marsh. In that case the US Supreme Court overruled the Kansas Supreme Court and reinstated the Kansas Death Penalty.

In addition to these two cases, in its November 25th Conference the US Supreme Court will be considering whether to hear Kansas v. Lacey Rana Smith, an appeal by the State against the decision of the Kansas Supreme Court that it was unconstitutional for police to ask a car passenger to consent to a search unrelated to the original reason for the vehicle stop.


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