Supreme Court Applicant: Robert W. Fairchild

This post originally appeared at The Kansas Progress, before this blog went live.

Robert Fairchild, Chief Judge of the 7th Judicial District (Lawrence), has the distinction of twice having been nominated to the Supreme Court by the Nominating Commission, only on both occasions to be passed over by Governor Sebelius, in favor of now Justices Rosen and Johnson. This track record certainly makes it likely that he will again make it to the shortlist. A graduate of KU Law (1973) he was appointed a judge by Governor Bill Graves in 1996.

A public records search shows no federal donations. Fairchild has faced some criticism over sentencing policies and has been a forceful defender of the judiciary. During a previous nomination he hit back at criticisms of the judicial system, stating:

“The judiciary is under attack, both on a state level and a national level, by individuals, by interest groups and by legislators — not only the judiciary, but the methods by which judges are selected,” … “I think you need to be prepared to speak out and to defend the system, and be prepared to be attacked.”

In the context of Kansas’ recent controversies over the role of the Supreme Court these remarks pretty clearly indicate where he positions himself.



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