Supreme Court Applicant: Ward E Loyd

This post originally appeared at The Kansas Progress, before this blog went live.

Ward Loyd, who served in the Kansas State Legislature from 1998-2006, representing the 123rd District (Garden City) is an attorney who works for his own law firm. A Republican, he was described by the Kansas NEA as a “pro-public education stalwart”. In 2006 he was appointed as member and Chairman of the Kansas Advisory Group on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency by Governor Sebelius. Loyd’s Law Degree is from Washburn.

He is on the Executive Committee of the Kansas Alliance for Education, which endorsed Democrat Sue Storm in her successful candidacy for the State Board of Education. He has also made recent campaign contributions to Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts.

Interestingly, his old campaign website still lists a number of position papers which outline his views on several topics as a self described Eisenhower Republican, but raise a few questions. For example his paper on the Montoy case and surrounding controversy points out that he was one of a group of lawmakers who wanted to concentrate on fixing the funding issue before worrying about the (ultimately unsuccessful) appeal case. He makes an argument for why that was the right approach, but at the same time does not present his views on whether the courts involved in the Montoy case were correct under the law. In another example he partially dismisses concerns over gay marriage, saying that “this is Kansas, not Massachusetts, and especially not California”, but does not state how this fact of geography has a bearing on why the Kansas Courts would not follow the same path as the ones in those states.



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