Supreme Court Applicants – early November 2008

This post originally appeared at The Kansas Progress, before this blog went live. Consequently the date in the title does not tally with the date on the post.

Obscured by all the election news, Governor Sebelius’ next appointment to the Kansas Supreme Court is approaching. Chief Justice Kay McFarland must retire in January and applications for the vacancy that will open up on the court have been received. (Justice Robert E. Davis will become Chief Justice).

The Nominating Commission will interview the candidates towards the end of this week (November 13th). Most press accounts have consisted of a cursory re-write of the Supreme Court’s press release on the subject, so to keep everyone informed we will be running basic profiles of each of the applicants over the next few days. After the nominating commission meets, the list will be narrowed to three who Sebelius will choose from. Following the process at this stage will provide an insight into who the Nominating Commission weeds out.

The applicants will be profiled in the order they are named in the Supreme Court Press Release.



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