Down time

The Kansas Supreme Court is unlikely to issue any more opinions in 2008. Opinions are normally issued on Fridays, but the Court is closed this Friday. Posting here will therefore be sporadic until the normal pace is resumed. However, it will be worth checking back, or subscribing to our RSS Feed because while the Court will be quiet, we have a few things to get to here.

First of all, at any time in the next three weeks Governor Kathleen Sebelius will be naming one of three finalists to the vacancy on the Court created by the impending retirement of Chief Justice McFarland.  For our coverage of this topic, click on the Supreme Court Applicants category on the blog menu.

Secondly, on January 21st the United States Supreme Court will hear an appeal by the State of Kansas against a ruling of the Kansas Supreme Court in the case of Kansas v. Ventris (formerly State v. Ventris), concerning limits on the use of a defendant’s uncounseled testimony at trial to contradict their statements in the witness box. We’ll have coverage of that case throughout 2009, starting with an overview of the arguments and what is at stake. To follow that case, click on the KSvVentris tag, below.



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