U.S. Supreme Court overrules Kansas Supreme Court

April 29th. Splitting 7-2 the United States Supreme Court today overturned a ruling of the Kansas Supreme Court in the case of Kansas v. Ventris (formerly State v. Ventris). Justice Scalia wrote the opinion and was joined by Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Kennedy, Justice Souter, Justice Thomas, Justice Breyer and Justice Alito. Justice Stevens and Justice Ginsburg dissented. The ruling reversed a 6-1 decision of the Kansas Supreme Court, written by Justice Rosen with former Chief Justice McFarland in dissent. This is the second time in the past four years that the Kansas Supreme Court has been reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our earlier coverage of this case is located here.

The U.S. Supreme Court opinion is here.

We will have further analysis posted later tonight.



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